The date-range is set and the route is tried and tested. However, our challenges unfold in some of the most spectacular places on Earth. Sometimes we do have to change plans on account of weather, injury or other unforeseen factors. If we do have to do so, you will be informed and usually, these unforeseen changes simply add to the flavor of proceedings and provide for a good story to tell at day’s end! That having been said, our route is likely to remain largely intact, regardless of any on-the-ground changes.
We are mindful that people will inevitably have varying distances to travel to get to Skagway AK – most likely from out of state or from over the border in Canada perhaps. Our plan is to meet at the airport and move straight in to town to settle in the hotel before meeting up for dinner and a couple of welcome drinks.

Rat Race classify and grade our trips in terms of difficulty and epic-ness and also in the style of trip undertaken. This trip has been designated as ‘EXPED.’

You will typically travel as a group, with guides and safety staff embedded with you. There may well be opportunities for the group to ‘spread out’ and travel at individual paces – particularly on the bikes. In all cases our guides will assess the level of participants and will split into sub-groups as and where deemed responsible to do so, for example if we want to split the speed of travel between a slightly quicker or slower sub-group.

To see how we categorize our trips and what the classifications all mean, click here to find out.

We want you to concentrate on the views and the hard work of putting one foot or wheel in front of the other. So we don’t want you to be staring at maps or navigational aids any more than you have to. There is no formal course marking (i.e. signs) used on this event. Instead of course markings, we will be providing and then be asking you to download a route file that you will be able to download onto your smartphone or GPS device. You will follow this ‘line’ when on the bikes and can use this as a back-up at all times. You may use your own device or rent one from us. The route will show the stage start and finish locations of course, plus also show you pit stop locations, so you know exactly how far you are from support along the course.

We will then augment this with some marshalled junctions or key turning points on some of the stages, to ensure there is no doubt on route choice in any locations that we think it could be tricky.

At all times, the GPS device can be used to back yourself up on route-finding as and where required, as it will have the full route loaded onto it. If you choose to rent a GPS device from us, we will provide high-tech Garmin Edge navigational aids and Garmin Fenix navigational watches. The Edges are designed specifically for cycling and mounted to the handlebars with a special cradle, for optimum visibility when you are on the move.

Don’t worry – you won’t get lost. But if you do – support is never far away.

We will use a mixture of safety staff in vehicles, on the trail on bikes or foot and we will also concentrate support services at our pit stops. If it does get too much, if you get injured, get too hot, need sustenance, motivational support or otherwise, we will be able to assist and out team will never be far away out on the route. You are in good hands.

It is always good practice to be self-contained when out on these types of challenges, so when you leave pit stops, we will expect you to leave with some snacks on board, a full water bottle and bike tools and spares on board just in case for those stages….just like any other regular ride in the back-country.

Click ENTER NOW and go through the sign up process, you’ll then be issued with an event voucher which will automatically reserve you a place in the event you have chosen, this voucher must be brought to Registration and exchanged for your Race Pack. If you change your mind you can transfer to any Rat Race event within 14 days after you purchase your event voucher for free. After 14 days you will need to go through our transfer process (charges apply) if you wish to change to another event. You can view our transfer policy here.
Unfortunately not on this one. The trip really doesn’t lend itself well to folk tagging along given the remote nature of a lot of the locations, the complex behind-the-scenes logistics and the self-contained nature of some of the route.

The riding is all on road so that’s the preferred choice but a hybrid/cyclocross/gravel bike will also do the job very well.

Yes. There will be a mechanic supporting the trip throughout. However, they won’t have a limitless spares inventory so you will need to carry with you a range of spare parts specific to your bike.

If you are renting a bike, all the above will be provided with your rental.

Yes. It is highly recommended to run daytime flashing lights when riding. These can be basic LED lights and do not need to be fancy.

This is Alaska and the Yukon wilderness. It could be anything and change regularly so a full range of options is what is required. You will also need some more robust gear for the Chilkoot including a sleeping bag and sleeping mat. But these items can be rented if you do not own them already. A full gear list will be provided later.

Rat Race require you to be over 18 on the day of Registration for this adventure. If you wish to participate as a family group or with a responsible adult and you are 16+, we will consider applications on an individual basis. Please contact us if this is the case.

This is of course a big challenge set over multiple big days on foot, in the saddle and by canoe. BUT the Rat Race ethos is to set extraordinary challenges for ordinary people. You do need a good base fitness and you should be prepared for a series of long back-to-back days out on the route. Canoeing will give the arms a work-out but the natural current and flow of The Mighty Yukon does a lot of the work too. But this route is definitely designed to be ‘doable;’ and in no way would this be what we would call a ‘sufferfest.’ Our events are just not set up that way.

You 100% have it in you to do this. We will ensure we support you the very best way we possibly can. This one is all tortoise and no hare. Unless you really are off the pace, we will not cut you off. On the Chilkoot, we will all travel together, at the same pace. We won’t be dawdling but we are not out to smash records. If the group appears that it may benefit from being split down the middle with a faster and a slower group, we may look to do that also. Everyone then meets up at camp each night.

On the bike and canoe legs, if you are off pace and you feel you need a bit of a shunt along the route on some of the days, we can pick you up in a vehicle, ‘boost’ you further up the course a bit and you can re-join the trip further up the route. It’s up to you how you tackle it and we want you to feel relaxed and comfortable, versus under major pressure just to ‘get the job done.’

The Chilkoot Trail is a well maintained mountain trekking trail with 1 big climb in the middle of day 2. It is serious country but the trail is good. The cycling is on paved roads and of course we canoe down the river.
Read more about the route, the profile and the terrain here.

Yes. This is a fully inclusive itinerary from start to finish, with all accommodation and all meals included, except for the expedition meals you bring with you for the Chilkoot Trail.
If you no longer wish to take part, and can give us enough notice, you may be able to go use our transfer process. Please see our transfer policy here. Transfer requests can be made here. You can find full Terms and Conditions here.
Race entry includes a brilliant finisher’s medal and bespoke event Rat Race tech tee. We will request your t-shirt size when you register online and this will be the size you will be given at Registration. Other merch will be available to purchase also.
A full gear list will be published in due course.

On the Chilkoot, if you start, you will need to finish. We can of course evacuate you if we have an emergency but in general terms, the group will continue on the trek until the trek is complete. At the end of the trek, we will have a support station if you need or want to bail there.

If you need to bail while on the bike route, we will collect you via the Sweeper vehicles – or you simply ride to the next Pit Stop and we collect you from there. We will always look to move you forwards on the course (subject to medical advice if it is a medical issue that has forced you to pull out). We are unable to transport you backwards (i.e. we cannot take you back to the start of that stage). You can choose to re-start further up the course if you still want to do some riding that day, or we can take you to the end of the stage. It is always best to bail at a Pit Stop, where we have vehicles standing by. You can retire from the route at any time and we will always be there to support you.
For the canoeing stages, we can get you out of the canoes at the shore-based support points.

We are not into ‘once you stop you cannot re-start.’ That is not our thing. If you bail and wish to restart, as laid out above (and subject to medical advice) – no problem.

No. We do not offer refunds but we you are able to transfer your first instalment value if you withdraw prior to the final payment date. We recommend customers hold the appropriate insurance to cover non-attendance for issues such as illness or travel problems. Please see our transfer policy here https://ratraceamerica.com/transfer-policy/ Transfer requests can be made here. You can find full Terms and Conditions here.

For those wanting extra financial protection there is the option to join the Refund Protect scheme when reserving a place in 2022/2023 events. Refund Protect is a separate company to Rat Race and the terms of their refund protection can be seen here.

We have firm emergency protocols and response systems in place whilst out on our adventures. Our main priority above all else is to keep you and our staff safe. Before we leave for each trip a comprehensive in-country risk and threat assessment has been conducted by the Head of Expeditions. All protocols are put in place relating to those assessments. We make sure that the staff involved have the highest level of first aid training; a higher level of medical cover is also put in place if needed; all instructors have qualifications and/ or competencies to match the adventure we will undertake. In the event of an emergency, Rat Race staff and appointed contractors have comprehensive knowledge of procedures which will rapidly be put in place. If needed, our staff will provide first aid and then further medical assistance and evacuation if needed in line with a published Medical Procedures Plan. We have medical back-up and Clinical Directorship provided by a specialist events medical company and we have further emergency response support services provided by competent contracted partner. All our cover is available 24/7 while operations are underway. We use our knowledge and emergency procedures to provide the best possible care in our often remote and austere environments. Before leaving on a trip, we will advise on the insurance cover you are required to have in place for the trip; we will ask for a copy of these insurance details before the departure date.


You may of course choose to bring your own road bike, but if you do not wish to travel with your own we can provide high-quality rentals. All of the riding is on paved surfaces, so a road bike is most definitely recommended. You can use a hybrid or a cyclocross bike also, if you prefer. Our rentals will be good quality well-known branded bikes. All rental bikes are provided with helmet, bottle cage, tool kit and spare tube. Price is $250 USD and this will be delivered to you and collected from you after the final bike stage, so you do not need to worry about shipping it to and from the trip with you by air.

GPS and satellite devices

We will be providing you with state-of-the-art satellite GPS navigational aids. These will track your position at all times and will also serve as an emergency locator and satellite communicator if you get into trouble. The nature of this trip dictates that you will be with our guides at all times, but this is a just-in-case. But it’s top-notch stuff and is best of breed for our purposes. Our guides will also be equipped with the latest generation of brand new satellite ‘push to talk’ phones, so we are in touch with the outside world at all times in this extremely remote environment.